Sunday, September 30, 2007


theclownzombie by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

this, is suppossed to be a bookcover.the front bit of it. an assignment for my commercialart+graphicdesigning class.i suck. and have NEVER tried anything like this before.

andthisissuppossedtobethecoverforanimagi narystorybookwhichmakesmedieoutofhilariousgloom.thank you.


Dhruva said...


PG said...

Hey, it really isn't that bad. You should see my first assignments in college. Those sucked!

the one who must be named. someday. said...

yep, it isnt bad at all!!!!

little boxes said...

i liked it duh!

Nikhil said...

I will use you when I get published. Promise>

Well not "use", but use you. You know what i mean :|