Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eat Moss. Silently.

Handpainted notoriety. Something I made deviating a little from my Bollywood based project. Pasted on my wall. These could be converted into handmade magnets. Come onnn buy your magnet nowwww. OR stickers? Wait I'll soon post a compilation of available stickers, magnets and bookmarks.AND THEN maybe.

Wait, WHHAAAT you thought this blog was DYING? HELL NO even though I'm losing followers like that *snaps fingers* and even though I seem inactive as ever and my neck is going to be slit  open in a few days, I am FAAAIINNN, this page is alive, and we'll show you cool new stuff and share our little pointless realisations as soon as we can get done with the skyhigh pile of pending projects we are trying to juggle. We are me and my comatose brain. We are trying very hard to swallow our own bullshit and spit out the same with some added seasonings. Soon.