Sunday, March 21, 2010

When i love you i think i'm making it up because i am.

I fall asleep earlywith half my stationery around my head, socks on the window sill, grip at the edge of a waking dream. What has this done to me- i wake up with a start at 4:44 AM to look for your words stuck somewhere in the telegraph line, hanging like pigeons dead from the shock of a spark,letters in a puddle hidden from sunlight.When i am in love with you, i am always pulling down my cheeks, i quibble about the way you love, i smell my shoes in my sleep. I'm taking too many showers, im taking too much time to listen to a song, im taking too little into consideration and too much to heart.

When i am in love with you, i want to know that im getting flowers next time.My head sticks out the window and there's nothing coming to kill me.I cry too much and too little, i smile like it's a daydream.

I am a naked heartbeat, let it not be a daydream.

thats something i wrote when i was very high and would not have left the depths of my gay purple journal under normal circumstances. i just found it two days back,and i dont have any memory of having written it.but its here because you should know and because i want to fix things.

so there is a love so strong that you mostly tend to love all wrong because its just too much.

Friday, March 19, 2010

is there a love so strong that you'd love all wrong?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello, Lovelies.

jojo where we smoked

mahima in the bus
overexposed weirdexpression lady from a moving bus
nimbooman outside bibi ka makbara ok i dont know how to spellit.
gagan in the bus
anshul with chai.
satpathy with jojo in background.
 harixander soopertramp.
shoot! vasundhara, vipin, and vishal under deadtree.
punit, outside our research cave 
(Cave One, Ajanta)

so those were people pictures from the college trip to ajanta and ellora that i probably wont put up elsewhere :D

and in case you were wondering why i dont write anymore, the answer lies in my wordpress blog. garbage isnt very pleasant to step on so i keep it away from the most stepped on site.on an updatey note, first year in college almost over. past few months in the hostel have been brilliant mostly because my roommate decided to unofficially move into her friend's room which leaves me ALONE in the WHOLE BEEG ROOM WITH TWO BEDS, TWO TABLES, TWO CHAIRS and a clean loo.solitude and clean bathroom and complete privacy. sigh. next year is bound to be different, im bound to get new roommate, and bound to begin is a new era of cribbage but ill enjoy this while it a little screwed when it comes to work and i feel like im going nowhere in life and i dont draw as much anymore. oh and the amount i drift/have been drifting is unhealthy. gets me into trouble with people but as long as i get by, who gives a fuck.

and get by, i do.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

yes, ok. so what.

i want this on my wall.and on my grandkids' walls if and when i have have a nice life,bro.

and yes thats my new haircut. jeezuzzzz.