Friday, October 31, 2008


THIS FESTIVE SEASON YOU COULD'VE CAUGHT ME AS HAPPY AS A CLAM AT HIGH WATERS but atlas, no one bothered to come around and catch, leaving me to fall into the deepest reaches of the sunless ocean of PUS. given the condition i'm in, pretending to be seemly is the last thing on my mind right now so yeah, go ahead and exclaim how gross i am.

my ear feels like its chewing on a mountain and is nowhere near digesting the mound or throwing it up anytime soon. yes, I've had a boil, a poisonboilthatblockedtheauditorycanalnearly, and now that the pain is receeding (as is the FESTIVALOFNOISEMANIA), its beginning to sound like a paper churner, my ear. the past week has been eventful in the way that i broke the TV remote (frustration depression aggression oohyeah ) and my cellphone survived what the remote couldn't (heh, i suppose the dart across the room just made up for its lackofuse), and also, the fact that my father has successfully killed the PC. i did manage to get internet installed on the laptop again, but its not helping that i cant work with the pictures and photoshop and whatnot, so i have hardly any distraction from my noisy-ear.
earlier this week, i changed my orkut dp twice. hell the first one was THE sax, I'm told. ONLY because i appeared with sneha's camera in it. :/

something just made me lose the drive to type more.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i did 4 maths sums- easiest chapter first exercise- family of straight lines.

im so cool imma turn into an ice cream and drip on your t-shirt and cause you enough nuisance to make you wanna eat me all at once, doods.i love this blog.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did you spend a night? by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

done as an illustration for a friend Debanjan's poem. read it here.


in this heat
this is me using broomsticks instead of
running water.. grime over my lids, pine underneath
this is time and tide leaving me stranded in a pub reeking of
abandon and neglect , in this heat

this is more tideous than having to stare
at apostrophes to tell them apart- what you are and what you own
and what lies in the thiefs' closet
this sorrow eats my tongue and shits over my heart but
it's still watching- still and watching as

they say life's a road and fail to add how people walk over it just walk all
over it and then grow too weary to add it on epitaphs so you must figure out words of
wisdom that are always half-uttered. in this heat- life is a room with an all-out and no
windows and clustered pest-like confusion and an electricity bill due; life is
a watery verse with wordlimit and too many ways to exclaim
this is what it was.

this was suppossed to be a poetry challenge for me- set by LD on friday. because i was/am SO blocked. SO SO fucking blocked. she gave me three words [which are included in the poem i wont tell you which ones nananana guess guess if you guess right i'll know they seem out of place and that im a fucking faliure] and sentence limit, actually.
bah i hate this.

Friday, October 17, 2008

new header lalala


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


mackerella by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

this is what happens when i try studying geography

chapter- fisheries. heh xD

Monday, October 13, 2008


another version

i think she's just not fond of butterflies. what do you think?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

reaching for some love

yes i know. very cheesy. :/

anyway, atleast i managed to make myself do SOMETHING after like aeons.simple photomanipulation, stock photos from dA. i dont know why im putting this up here, but i suspect its because the fear of a dying blog is playing in my subconscious. :S

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the girl in the city was one of the various similar unrelated songbirds. the girl in the city had scaldedheavylids a boil on her chin a bigblackbirthmark and scabs on her scalp. the girl was in the city and it was never festive. the girl in the city wanted any of the various similar unrelated songbirds for company.

the girl was in the city oh what pity fucking pity.