Friday, April 30, 2010

But the birds stop singing too.

moments of despair and ugly art and.

and i wonder what person from Singapore reads my blog. all these cruel people, never leaving comments. :/

Banal update in verse.

tonight is just a dull fullmoon
i hated this day's afternoon
all i have done this dismal day
is watch this psychotic cartoon.

around midday i realised
my tummy's grown a bit in size
but it also seemed a little blue
and made me let out painful cries.

i then grew calmer by twilight
'cause i liked it when cinnamon died
and when my mom said 'TELLS A TAIL!'
i felt heaven and earth collide.

dinner was such a sad affair
it made me pull out half my hair
so strode off i, without a word
without a bite, without a care.

and if you swear you'll clap this time
and you agree to wind my chime
i'll promise, and try sticking to
the promise to not ever rhyme.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

a picture

that tells a tail?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because im just stating facts.

Last time i did, (facts about another person that were allegedly stated 'unpleasantly'on the blog; about Devika and the whole Kelsey,dA, plagiarism deal, im really not doing this thinking of how to be politically correct right now, so please let me be unrefined and blunt,with names and everything else, this is my personal space for god's sake) it created trouble for people, im told. gave my blog undue publicity too, most of the feeds would show traffic only to that post, and triggered bitter words from anonymous people, sad personal shit and im losing my patience beating about the bush, but yeah, so thing is, im not sorry i wrote that post.

I'm not sorry i brought it to light (whatever it was, intentional or unintentional), for the bad punctuation in the post, for being politically incorrect if i might've been, i was doing what i thought i was ought to, and im sure i wasn't thinking too wrongly, but i have taken off that post.

Why, i could've removed it and kept quiet about it, but i didn't want to, because i wanted to be able to explain this to myself, at least. The reason i did it is because i was told( very straightforwardly, and the lack of a cushion of any amount of  hearsay made it come as a major surprise, by the way) that it not only still seriously affects her own, but also her family's peace of mind.The comments lala. Look, i have nothing personal against you. you cheated, i told. I catch anyone at it i tell because im a bigmouth like that. I didnt mean to brew hatred or open a common forum to gather around and bitch, for whatever reason, none of my concern. And THAT seemed to be the only purpose that the blogpost had been serving after the initial 'OMG-REALLY!'s and i didnt think having it around was doing anyone any good, so why not flush out the hate. I did what might do someone less harm, so there, i did what i did.

And with all due respect dudes(themdudes) ,im not taking this one down, not even for the lawyers.
(All in good humour, hohoho? Thank you.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My cities turn blue

and are failing without you

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dirty old wallet oozing spleen

so i do this when im depressed. it looks a little cleaner than in the picture,everything is a little more crisp after final touches.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

what is that bad picture

one of these days, though

 I'll walk you past these windows,


I'll walk you through the trees;

I'll walk you to wherever 

gets you weakest in the knees.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm going to tell you one thing I know for certain about myself- allergic or not, I will always hate vodka. Today is very hot like every other day now but today I had to walk to college and stay there for 2 goddamned hours just to get very worked up about every other person's attitude towards the upcoming jury AND one permission letter. Too hot for people so I asked them to not meet me, this one time that I had any at all. Ho Ho. What is with me and the persistent non existence of my social life. Its too hot even for question marks and right punctuation,and I really dont need your answers.So then I came back to my room, danced to Belly Dancer and imagined to have no self respect at all so I can make myself type this out. Right now I cannot make myself carry on with life with the same conviction as always (conviction you will never find reflected in my attitude, no, its all in my head, its the secret life of Malter Witty) because I cant have my poison, nobody is willing to go score. What does it mean to have a resolution and stick to it man, I will never know.

Besides that, this is good. Tomorrow im going to visit an orphanage, as if the disabled home I keep visiting wasnt fucking with my brain enough. I'm hoping it gets done with without me feeling a strange obligation to go back there, I hope that place is a corporate bitchhole, I hope I come back with something to crib about, ready with words and jabs at whatever i see and not wrapped in thick layers of silence. What i really want to do is be a bitch, go clubbing and break an ankle. But no the whole point of this rant is, vodka sucks, baba chai.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i've been a drooling, irritable, sick and difficult 5 year old lately.or like im nursing withdrawal symptoms like a clutz. nautanki, bilkul. if i were to say something to my mom now, i'd prolly say KIMMIN CHAI.kimmin debe,kimmin? ekta duto teente paanchta chota? and i think i'd just scream at everything else. i dont have kimmins, keede kha gaye mere kimmins. kinta paisa waste. kitne kimmins waste. kimmins are kishmishes for the 5yearoldme. kimmins are raisins and i want raisins and mango juice for 7 bucks. or 5. these things disappear exactly when you need them to be around and suddenly, you go from being Clementine to Joel. pulling at memories where you can hide what you needed to let go of a minute back. but im not running fast enough, all this sickness and tiny 5 yearold legs and no raisins what to do kya karoon

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i just realised that what i want to do/have/feel and what i should do/have/feel had never created a conflict until i started taking my own decisions. what is that, immaturity?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i am now making a feeling

as a beginner.
nothing fancy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

When you're sappy and you know it, save a life.

sometimes when i breathe, halfway through letting out a breath, i breathe in sharply again and then let go of it.
smart way to stone, terrible way to live.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Adventure of the Runaway Cauliflower.

So once there was a cauliflower
growing in a field
while growing it had realised
it didn't wanna be your meal.
The epiphany caused it to take
the causeway and escape
It walked many a hardened land
till it reached a far off cave.

Now just as it was thinking it had
found a safe refuge
along came a cave man-
he was hungry and was huge!
To save itself, the cauliflower
crawled behind a rock
while the caveman tried to hunt down
any birds that would come flock.

Right after he had left
came a cavalcade of men
who seemed in need of food to eat
before they reached their zen.
The cauliflower, by now,
had grown weary of its nook
so it found itself a cauldron,and
as safe it was mistook.
While it sat inside the vessel,
the men had disappeared;
And entering the scene, was
a witch all veggies feared.
Her cauldron she then spotted,
approaching it she cried-
'Atlas! I do have cheese, but
still no veggies to be fried!'
Then cautiously it peeped out,
little Cauli, from within-
The witch stared right into its eyes
and (now barely) off-white skin.
'Aha!' she said, 'now i can make
myself cauliflower cheese!'
But before she could say 'Fire!'
Something behind yelled 'Freeze!'

From within the cauldron, Cauli
thought aloud 'Oh jeez!'
'Its the leafy CBI officers
and they got guns to squeeze!'
The witch's wand and officers' guns
sprayed pesticides and spells
But then approached the Cauli Witch
to sound the vamp's death knell.

It snuck and made its way ahead
and bit hard at her leg
both witches shrieked one final shriek
and then the vamp- she fell!

The veggie-scarer, now, to a pale
cauliflower was reduced
while officers sprayed stuff to
keep her reflexes confused.

Climbing out the cauldron,
Cauli then proposed a feast
what was left of the vamp was to be
their own special treat!
They cooked her with cheese and cayenne
in the cauldron she once owned
Raised a toast to the end of the
witchy terror that they'd known.

Now, to hear the moral
of the story you must swarm-
'Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai
Khaane waale ka naam'.


be not harsh. written very quickly for a college assignment (which, btw, was to use at least 10 words out of a GIVEN pair of pages off the dictionary and making a story out of it and illustrating it in 12 panels {which, i have not done yet no im doomed indeed}. i just wrote it in verse because i think i was high and wanted to rhyme because i cant generally page had cauliflower, cauldron, causeway, CBI, etc etc. )