Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Adventure of the Runaway Cauliflower.

So once there was a cauliflower
growing in a field
while growing it had realised
it didn't wanna be your meal.
The epiphany caused it to take
the causeway and escape
It walked many a hardened land
till it reached a far off cave.

Now just as it was thinking it had
found a safe refuge
along came a cave man-
he was hungry and was huge!
To save itself, the cauliflower
crawled behind a rock
while the caveman tried to hunt down
any birds that would come flock.

Right after he had left
came a cavalcade of men
who seemed in need of food to eat
before they reached their zen.
The cauliflower, by now,
had grown weary of its nook
so it found itself a cauldron,and
as safe it was mistook.
While it sat inside the vessel,
the men had disappeared;
And entering the scene, was
a witch all veggies feared.
Her cauldron she then spotted,
approaching it she cried-
'Atlas! I do have cheese, but
still no veggies to be fried!'
Then cautiously it peeped out,
little Cauli, from within-
The witch stared right into its eyes
and (now barely) off-white skin.
'Aha!' she said, 'now i can make
myself cauliflower cheese!'
But before she could say 'Fire!'
Something behind yelled 'Freeze!'

From within the cauldron, Cauli
thought aloud 'Oh jeez!'
'Its the leafy CBI officers
and they got guns to squeeze!'
The witch's wand and officers' guns
sprayed pesticides and spells
But then approached the Cauli Witch
to sound the vamp's death knell.

It snuck and made its way ahead
and bit hard at her leg
both witches shrieked one final shriek
and then the vamp- she fell!

The veggie-scarer, now, to a pale
cauliflower was reduced
while officers sprayed stuff to
keep her reflexes confused.

Climbing out the cauldron,
Cauli then proposed a feast
what was left of the vamp was to be
their own special treat!
They cooked her with cheese and cayenne
in the cauldron she once owned
Raised a toast to the end of the
witchy terror that they'd known.

Now, to hear the moral
of the story you must swarm-
'Daane Daane Pe Likha Hai
Khaane waale ka naam'.


be not harsh. written very quickly for a college assignment (which, btw, was to use at least 10 words out of a GIVEN pair of pages off the dictionary and making a story out of it and illustrating it in 12 panels {which, i have not done yet no im doomed indeed}. i just wrote it in verse because i think i was high and wanted to rhyme because i cant generally page had cauliflower, cauldron, causeway, CBI, etc etc. )


AritrY said...

Never saw something like this before .__.
Would never saw ever in future too.
But you just rocked it. You rhyme well grl!

Deeganto said...

^Would never saw ever?

Oh nice poem.
I lieks.

Lucid Darkness said...

You've heard me say this before BUT THIS IS AWESOME! :D

weevil girl said...