Monday, December 13, 2010

Steps away from a heartbreak

If you see something as loving you, 

Dont believe it. Grab at your misery and
your hair to curl up into a ball and stay
very to the next astrologer 
about the best time to start chanting the 
name of any everyday apocalypse to

Glorify it. Get so bombed that you
rechristen yourself Hiroshima, wig in place
heart hidden beyond the mantle. Build 
your own new-age cyber pyramid & spend the
rest of your life's energy trying to

Ignore it. Life goes on. Sits on a bench
and smokes, shags in its head and gets it
gooey as an excuse for not thinking straight. Life
also has a habit of lingering for which you must 

Forgive it.another gust of wind
and its a different face, on a different
bench back at the end of the beat,  sounding
more like a pop each recurring time and 
It's saved itself a seat.At this point,
all you can do-

Be hospitable and this will leave


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm exhausted.

Because loving people is tiresome when they’re so busy being rooted to humanity that they’re losing the essence of it.