Saturday, September 27, 2008

story on our wrists

a story i made up at school- started with sneha wanting me to draw a tattoo on her wrist and me ending up drawing phulwa. eventually, we had dhulwa on my wrist, the kid on ishika's and the meow on mitaja's wrist and the story was narrated in the eco class.

now it's on sneha's farewell diary, look! the very first entry :)


on a different note:
y:is your health better?
x: im not sure i understand my health
y: what do people say?
x: nothing. they just curse.

y:they are sad.

this is a nice conversation. i'd not had one like that in a long time.
i liked that bit the most.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


...from sparkling trees in pitch black nights, room no.8, villagers, four scoops of ice-cream, dhaaner khet, shoroter non-polluted akash, santhal dance, birds on electric lines, on thatched roofs but hardly ever inturrupting the view of the sky unless in equally pretty formations, and some very very fun bus rides.
i can never do justice to the trip with words, and have been unable to capture anything decently in pictures.
i have NEVER been this frustrated at my incapabilities. the pictures just SUCK and i am in MAJOR hate with my slr and will NEVER use it again, because, i clearly cant/havnt learnt to use it well.

anyhow, some pictures i took with sneha's camera (some of the notgreatatall ones, cuz i dont think ill put them up elsewhere)are right here: (goodblessherforlettingmeusethecam.godiwouldvekilledmyselfelse)

at bishnupur.
i would tell you which mandir this is if i remembered.

an army in some shop :P
from the moving bus i tooked. on the way to mukutmanipur.

that was on the longway from the resort (at mukutmanipur)to the village. we walked.

piegons on the roof of the first house we surveyed. the children sitting under this room got some my share of chlormints and halls. oh well, they were happy aleast.

malati singh sardar. the sweetest, friendliest woman ever. she wanted a bottle of mineral water to remember us by. i gave her my frooti one. :)

one the way back to the resort.

more many more to come later. dAand flickr will be updated.have been too but with other pictures.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

eat it trade it chop it lock it up
yet no way can you rid this world of love

just something i made. credits: THANKYOUSNEHAFORYOUR CAMERA YAYAYAY!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick update

i havent been on orkut for exactly a million years, not been online much lately. im not exactly an orkut addict, for those of you who think so, its just that it is the most convenient way to keep in touch with a few people i like [most people i like are all virtual friends whom i dont meet in person so much- no joke.]. i havnt been taking calls as right after school im either falling dead asleep, or am mostly really working/pissedoff/withdrawing from the world. pathetic time at school im having, terribler time at home. i wake up with eyelids heavy and thick as bricks, head not wanting to register the heaviness of my thighs and all the weight that im gaining but infact dragging myself out of bed pulls me deep INTO the realization that the highthyroidthingy is doing its job. motherfucking doctor must've given me thyro-KILL instead of thyronorm. i have 18.33 something when its suppossed to be somewhere around 3 and 6 is considered HIGH HIGH HIGH AND HE'S WAITING FOR IT TO SLOWLY AND STEADILY PULL ITSELF BACK TO NORMAL? WHAT UTTER FOOLERY.then school and a thousand yelling matches, getting reminded of how much i suck, how much bad karma im gathering.they should really do the others and the teachers a favour and throw me out. and then there's light-tracing topomap extracts. FIVE extracts by the way. i wish i could find a dangerous enough looking image of a toposheet and put it up here, although even that could explain the degree of deadness i am in unless you're really familiar with the horror of spending time in a dark, dingy room with just one very strong light source right under the surface where your hand is suppossed to lie while you try tracing out contour lines with exactly 0.234532678 mm of space between them, sometimes the blinding light going straight into your already hurting eyes,all the while having to worry about whether you're actually bunking a class or if its a free period. 7 people on one tiny tracing table with one blown out bulb, its not a joke.everytime i close my eyes i see power lines, railway tracks, metalled roads, mahanadi boken grounds open mixed scrub and everything going terribly wrong. tests from monday. benchmarks and else-dont-show-me-your-face-s.more boils. PATHETIC.


here's a pic of the shit spread around at home. these are the three smallest extracts that i've started, and none of them are even close to complete. the others are WORSE.threatening-er. )

geography excursion. we leave on the 18th. mom worrying her ass off and killing me with the constant nagging.GD ma'am gonna get pissed at me, no work done.this blogpost is making me impatient, almost wanting to cry out of frustration but let me answer/ask a few things.

@shruti- yes i would like the ebook very much, :).
be kind enough to mail it? i hope i get to read soon enough, really.
@soumi- god DID YOU GUYS HAVE TO DO FIVE EXTRACTS TOO?OR IS IT JUST IM? I am gonna be killing her if its the latter.

@others- hello and goodbye. listen to something anything by travis great song waiting for their new album i havnt heard any music in ages my ipod earphones are dead-ish you see? any chance i get i start whining. must stop NOW.

p.s: saason ki zaroorat hai jaise..
ok im overdoing it.

p.p.s: i hate people.bleeding earlobepiercings. LUCKYBOYYOUREMYLUCKYBOY- ria, please shut the fuck up sometimes.