Sunday, September 21, 2008


...from sparkling trees in pitch black nights, room no.8, villagers, four scoops of ice-cream, dhaaner khet, shoroter non-polluted akash, santhal dance, birds on electric lines, on thatched roofs but hardly ever inturrupting the view of the sky unless in equally pretty formations, and some very very fun bus rides.
i can never do justice to the trip with words, and have been unable to capture anything decently in pictures.
i have NEVER been this frustrated at my incapabilities. the pictures just SUCK and i am in MAJOR hate with my slr and will NEVER use it again, because, i clearly cant/havnt learnt to use it well.

anyhow, some pictures i took with sneha's camera (some of the notgreatatall ones, cuz i dont think ill put them up elsewhere)are right here: (goodblessherforlettingmeusethecam.godiwouldvekilledmyselfelse)

at bishnupur.
i would tell you which mandir this is if i remembered.

an army in some shop :P
from the moving bus i tooked. on the way to mukutmanipur.

that was on the longway from the resort (at mukutmanipur)to the village. we walked.

piegons on the roof of the first house we surveyed. the children sitting under this room got some my share of chlormints and halls. oh well, they were happy aleast.

malati singh sardar. the sweetest, friendliest woman ever. she wanted a bottle of mineral water to remember us by. i gave her my frooti one. :)

one the way back to the resort.

more many more to come later. dAand flickr will be updated.have been too but with other pictures.


whatever.shit said...

you are back?
you are!

and good that you enjoyed the trip.
you had to.
you needed to.

we need to talk.

Lucid Darkness said...

Those pictures are NOT rotten. Hmph. And I really really liked the army. :P
I have some good news to share by the way. :)

Dhruva said...


Alok said...

Malati's smile looks friendly. Too friendly. *eeps*

P.S. Love the pics!