Saturday, September 27, 2008

story on our wrists

a story i made up at school- started with sneha wanting me to draw a tattoo on her wrist and me ending up drawing phulwa. eventually, we had dhulwa on my wrist, the kid on ishika's and the meow on mitaja's wrist and the story was narrated in the eco class.

now it's on sneha's farewell diary, look! the very first entry :)


on a different note:
y:is your health better?
x: im not sure i understand my health
y: what do people say?
x: nothing. they just curse.

y:they are sad.

this is a nice conversation. i'd not had one like that in a long time.
i liked that bit the most.


Sayan said...

I comment.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

My first reaction (recorded on Sayan's chatbox): awww

CUTE, it is.

Sayan said...

I recomment : Awwness.


julychild said...

nicest thing to have on a farewell diary ever. howartthou leetulone?

whatever.shit said...

like like.

Lucid Darkness said...

You draw really really really squeal-y cute Cats! :D

weevil girl said...

yes yes cute bah whatever

i'm sufferring from a pregnant boil extention its got and thats taking up all my attention and i cant say how im doing otherwise :/

Jadis said...

i heart the meow. wish i had it on MY wrist. :)

little boxes said...

i miss school!