Wednesday, October 31, 2007


how does one feel when one is in the middle of drawing a picture with all their heart and soul and liver and spleen and mind and everything in the entire anatomical+metaphysical universe and suddenly realises that their only box of colours has gone missing?
i, for one, feel like a shackled-and-about-to-be-decapitated psychotic crow deprived of its lungs that has just been thrown into a steaming puddle of dragonpus.




Thursday, October 25, 2007


and dont alienate the people who love you at this time when u need em the most
[=O how does she know?]
if we know wut causes our mood swings.. the wrld wud be so fuckin filled wid purple it'd be scary


thedeaddonkey:There's always a silver lining ,Ship,trust me.

ahh take it eeeeeeasaaaaaayy!!!!!!!1111111oneone

oh and THAT thing is just the result of boredom ^^

Monday, October 22, 2007

dear world

lets pretend i dont exist.

now that isnt at all difficult, is it?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

100th post

i have updated my deviant art gallery.check no plis? plis?
happay pujo everyone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


...eyes wide open always hoping for the sun
and she'll sing her song to anyone
that comes along
a little girl
with nothing wrong
and she's all alone..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

so lost in the music that she messes up her lines.
there is no grace, no charm
just the clumsy innocence
the pretence has been cast away
the rest remain amorphous, rude
and like a nascent star she is forever shaking
with life and fear and
all that is shrouded from her own eyes
like the autumn and December
and a few words that mean nothing
she exists
weary, but she knows she wont sleep
smiles at the sky before
breaking down to weep

the wet light soaks her
and her naked soul drips.


and now again i sit here blessing, cursing the brevity of your stare that turns hearts into pingpongballs and beyond the tinkling of glasses and the wafting smell of bittersweet nightmares the night is still frozen likethe greybluepurple skies and the mellow orb that once helped me finish my sentences that meant not a thing unlessyou b e l i e v e and like a puppet monster eating timeless flowers you pretend to lie.
but i heard the sky whisper to you things you dont believe yet.
and i lose myself in another line from the unsung serenade as the smoky blaze blinds me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[say and shi]

i was bored and i was jobless wahahahkjhdshgfds;
and my scanner isnt working and webcams suck as hell.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i peeled 1/4th an apple

my mom does not like apple skins.she was sick and hungry and dad was cooking and so i had to try peeling it off.took me exactly 20 minutes to get that much done. and then mom shook her head and snatched it away and did it herself. :P

Friday, October 5, 2007

im so easily a f f e c t e d.
by things.
and i dont even mind. generally.
but when im incapable of affecting things the same way, its just a futile life.

sometimes its too much of a pain trying to be fluid among rocks. even if i dont belong to the stone i was carved out from, things are just BOUND to put me back there.

no dont sympathise.or try to make me sing with you.
you only just pretend to smile right on through when I do the same, right?

i wont.
handmaderakhis.clickcards.pulling cheeks. slapping and chasingeach other all around the school. calling names.being the monitor, hearing wrong, resulting in Dmerits and tears. aww. :D
longlonglongjghfdj hours on the phone to piss off my folks. the music. the guitar. the gayness. the misunderstanding and the falling outs. and the "what are you wearing?"s.
guess where the midwicket is? around the..umm..midwicket?
"give me that rose? i promise i wont throw it away"
you dont remember man. 578? you dont remember either.
but it doesnt matter.

he has been my only long term friend so far.
pure silly stupid childish mindless gay fun.
or boredom.
'rohn' is just another hot emo mosher: [ yes i was BEGGED to put up some other pic which would shout OH-MAN-HE-IS-HOT-DONT-GO-BY-THE-EARLIER-PIC. *rolls eyes*]
but abheek sinha will always remain abheek sinha for me.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

like a fever so close to the bone..

from a million light years away
you smiled at me
before i fell asleep.
i saw you being [mis]cast
as a clown in the farce
they call life
across the clear blue skies of my nightmares
your smile flashed
like the summer lightning.
i had a fever then.
maybe the visions lied
will you let me lie down beside you
if i write you a note
with words that can be smelt,
or maybe a song that can only be felt
with an acoustic touch..?