Friday, October 5, 2007

handmaderakhis.clickcards.pulling cheeks. slapping and chasingeach other all around the school. calling names.being the monitor, hearing wrong, resulting in Dmerits and tears. aww. :D
longlonglongjghfdj hours on the phone to piss off my folks. the music. the guitar. the gayness. the misunderstanding and the falling outs. and the "what are you wearing?"s.
guess where the midwicket is? around the..umm..midwicket?
"give me that rose? i promise i wont throw it away"
you dont remember man. 578? you dont remember either.
but it doesnt matter.

he has been my only long term friend so far.
pure silly stupid childish mindless gay fun.
or boredom.
'rohn' is just another hot emo mosher: [ yes i was BEGGED to put up some other pic which would shout OH-MAN-HE-IS-HOT-DONT-GO-BY-THE-EARLIER-PIC. *rolls eyes*]
but abheek sinha will always remain abheek sinha for me.

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