Monday, October 22, 2007

dear world

lets pretend i dont exist.

now that isnt at all difficult, is it?


Lucid Darkness said...

It is actually, for all the people who know you.

Sikan DeRouge said...

Or pretend that the world does not exist... or it's all the same...
The real question is wether we really need to pretend so, and when it comes down to it, wether it's loneliness or solitude you've been rewarded with.

Sikan DeRouge said...

(It may take a moment for your comment to appear... but that's about it) :]

Sayan said...


The end.

-the silent assasin- said...

and you echo MY thoughts here.
i'm a pro at pretending not to exist.
i can give lessons. =]

Jadis said...

Try making yourself transparent.

weevil girl said...

@ Sikan Derouge- doesnt make a difference really.

and you commented on my blog YAY!

@jadis- haha. hmm. im pretty much invisible generally so well ;D