Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Finger!

yes, I know this picture has neither the attitude, nor the finger, NOR the idea usually associated with the phrase in the title, but hey. :D This is the real shit, doods.
so this morning i was sleeping as usual and then i WOKE UP (*JAAGO RE JAAGO RE JAGOOOOOOOO REE*) and went to vote. longest queue in the area- ours. very poopy i felt. very irritated with dad acting like a hyperactive, retarded first time voter who's never noticed his daughter's bad posture before and couldn't think of a better time or place to exclaim 'HEY I'M SURE YOU'RE NOT EVEN SURE WHAT YOUR ADDRESS IS,KID!' or to imitate the timid looking family speaking in bangaal bhasha at the TOP of his voice in ALL CAPS ( so now you know why im incapable of behaving myself and am very adept at embarrassing you in public if you're with me,its all in the genes).
so that, and then the long wait of approximately eleventy hours, and finally i'm standing right before the EVM going *OMG WTF ALL NAMES IN BENGALI SJDFJSGDFJ* but taking less than a nanosecond to settle down, set off the beep and jump out of the enclosed area grinning like a 3 year old who's just taken over the chocolate factory.i hung around until both my parents were done, the grin getting wider with the slow drying of the purpleshit on my used to be a black spot thing they used to put, no? why suddenly switch to blueypurpleyink?

i dont mind, it goes well with the state the other fingernails were/are in xD

met an old couple from our building while we were still at the booth, the woman going OMG SHE TOO?I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF HER AS THE KID WITH THE MOMMY (those exact words in bengali, no exaggeration), andyesthankssomuch, i showed her the finger alright.

the walk back home was long and pleasant and thrilling because i don't know why. i have no idea,OK? i cant even say anything poetic here, so bah. but on the way, i came across this group of kids that grinned at me in a way that spelled- comeletsplay Ring-a Ring-a roses (yes you are welcome to deduce that i suffer from dyslexia and it is manifested not only in my general inability to spell correctly, but also to interpret what spells what) and i, for no reason, pulled an evil face and showed them the finger. *mwahahahaha*
their faces changed to reflect a somewhat unreadable expression and i walked off with a smirk
characteristic of a primary school bully.

And to think i had just exercised any of my rights as an Adult for the first holy time since i turned 18, this isnt too much of a glaring irony now, is it?

EDIT: for people who like making assumptions based on one tiny sentence in a blog post (happened just {and boy, was it funny} , this comes therefore), i CAN read Bengali, and that sentence was only a representation of the ONLY thing that crossed my mind when i went in there.because i was expecting English and because Bengali was my 3rd language in school and i wasn't prepared for it and it takes my brain some time to process it and im slow, ok? im very slow. because i have to type out stupid excuses for no reason because some people just LOOVE to pull unsuspecting people up by the collar and slap them leftandright because their tshirts say stuff in english and not in their mothertongue- i will say FUCK you.