Monday, January 31, 2011


Ridiculous one at that. Woke up at 7 in the morning as if to start digging organs, the bones disappearing to make way.Wash clothes,wash the money in the pockets, wash the shopping lists, wash the tobacco.Put on my headphones and the song screamed, higher! Higher! I wanted to wear hunting boots and take off, travel guide left behind in the cocoon.I wanted to levitate, watch a movie, say- 'I'm going to tell you why and you will believe me'. Or juggle. Or build a living room full of wine, dancing, making love on the carpet. Or the couch. Or at the foot of the TV cabinet while the Sensex reaches its highpoint. Or throw myself at the black and white on the soft-board knowing that I am going to be closer than this.

But all I did was not get drunk or jump off a building onto a tampoline or fix the petrol issue.

But my hair, he said, was like his face was on fire.
Oh, that can't be a good thing.
Why not, he said, and that was that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, yes lets update this space.

I want to do crazy things to my blog but I've never been lazier.And I kinda like this lazy.I have realised that  the television is super important to keep me from stagnance, in the absence of its constant senseless buzzing in the background, I just cannot function as a proactive human being. Calm doesn't agree with my system unless I'm stoned out of my wits or something.Thankfully, I also stumbled upon a tv in the hostel basement where I dont have to fight off people or have them constantly change chanels, plus there's a huge platform at a safe distance from the tv where I can spread my shit around and work while the tv's in full blast, very neat arrangement that.I like saying tv a lot is why I keep bringing it up in conversation even when you're say talking about the super important presentation we must give in by tomorrow. Who cares when I can break into TV!

In other news, I have started drawing women again.
The weird part is, in all senses of the term. Ahem. But when have we ever minded attention?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have So Much More to tell you.

Wake up to a morning full of the feeling of letting go. If it wasn't pleasant, you must've been indifferent but there's always that feeling in your stomach- of having missed breakfast again, a starving chuckle. Suddenly you start trying hard to get your punctuation right and you realise you've killed it in your head because it had too many groping hands.I have done this with a volcano on my face,feet webbed, the weight of an earthquake in my chest.But I have to tell you, this is not important.Your hands flow like slow motion autumn leaves and that solves everything.