Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why time is a great poet

Everything that happens seems like a metaphor and I have a cavity (this, now) in my wisdom tooth. My body language, as observed by a friend.

Neap tide but tide alright

Sleep's been kept at bay successfully for a night. Here's to baby steps towards my general manner of being. Ears buzzing with what might be the loud awareness of the universe within but I am pretty sure is only a terribly messed up ear condition, I can now safely say that the grief of many lifetimes has been replaced, uh okay perhaps just well overshadowed by the will to kill my illnesses. How about that :) 

  Also here is my favourite part of my room, and as you can see, I am now on instagram so follow me for updates on my life and work and views and textures and sights and shadows of some happenings. Shall add it to the sidebar soon! Eid ! Yay!