Thursday, October 4, 2007

like a fever so close to the bone..

from a million light years away
you smiled at me
before i fell asleep.
i saw you being [mis]cast
as a clown in the farce
they call life
across the clear blue skies of my nightmares
your smile flashed
like the summer lightning.
i had a fever then.
maybe the visions lied
will you let me lie down beside you
if i write you a note
with words that can be smelt,
or maybe a song that can only be felt
with an acoustic touch..?


Lucid Darkness said...

It's a wonderful muse, isn't it?

Let it all out.

Sayan said...

The paradoxical and contemplative imagery,the pain beneath the lightheadedness,ah,I like it.

little boxes said...

beautiful work there...
the pain shows

Nini & I said...

love it. absolutely love it.