Saturday, April 17, 2010

what is that bad picture

one of these days, though

 I'll walk you past these windows,


I'll walk you through the trees;

I'll walk you to wherever 

gets you weakest in the knees.


Deeganto said...


Attempts at poetry with pictures also.
I'm loving it please.

Artemisia D. said...

I loved it too.
The pictures.
The poetry.
I'll stop now.

Limpidus said...

OMG wow!

SayantaniD said...

accha, i really like your header. Its quite different from what you usually do. very nice and pro looking. :)

AritrY said...

I love the header image best xD
these pics are awesome too. was just wondering, which camera do you use?

weevil girl said...

:D @SHONAI :DDDD WHYTHANKZ comingfrom you isgood ishappymaking

@aritry- i use whatever camera i can lay my hands on, so far ive worked with canon 450D and 500Ds and Nikon D5000 and nikon D60 i think and some such. and yes you can steal them, i dont own any of them myself so i dont think ill mind that much xD

AritrY said...

ohgoddamnit! :[
how do I find the owners now? :P

M said...


Anusha said...

loved it.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Last line just hits you in the gut. In a nice spleeny way.