Sunday, October 19, 2008


in this heat
this is me using broomsticks instead of
running water.. grime over my lids, pine underneath
this is time and tide leaving me stranded in a pub reeking of
abandon and neglect , in this heat

this is more tideous than having to stare
at apostrophes to tell them apart- what you are and what you own
and what lies in the thiefs' closet
this sorrow eats my tongue and shits over my heart but
it's still watching- still and watching as

they say life's a road and fail to add how people walk over it just walk all
over it and then grow too weary to add it on epitaphs so you must figure out words of
wisdom that are always half-uttered. in this heat- life is a room with an all-out and no
windows and clustered pest-like confusion and an electricity bill due; life is
a watery verse with wordlimit and too many ways to exclaim
this is what it was.

this was suppossed to be a poetry challenge for me- set by LD on friday. because i was/am SO blocked. SO SO fucking blocked. she gave me three words [which are included in the poem i wont tell you which ones nananana guess guess if you guess right i'll know they seem out of place and that im a fucking faliure] and sentence limit, actually.
bah i hate this.


deluded said...

I know I know

I used to play this with my cousin too

the three words would be-


personally, I think the "and" part is the hardest


I could only come up with

in that
is that
and that

in 3 weeks

damn. my poetry rocks!

Lucid Darkness said...

Hmmm. Well, this is one time when I'd say that you're right {Reference: message}. Sigh. :/

But hey! At least it got you to write something! And you incorporated the words pretty well! I'd almost forgotten what the last word was ;P

Lucid Darkness said...


Bwhahaha. This is a word verification xD

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

the poem is actually pretty good. I really like the last... erm, verse?
and no I'm not going to guess what the words are since I already get enough things wrong in life