Friday, October 31, 2008


THIS FESTIVE SEASON YOU COULD'VE CAUGHT ME AS HAPPY AS A CLAM AT HIGH WATERS but atlas, no one bothered to come around and catch, leaving me to fall into the deepest reaches of the sunless ocean of PUS. given the condition i'm in, pretending to be seemly is the last thing on my mind right now so yeah, go ahead and exclaim how gross i am.

my ear feels like its chewing on a mountain and is nowhere near digesting the mound or throwing it up anytime soon. yes, I've had a boil, a poisonboilthatblockedtheauditorycanalnearly, and now that the pain is receeding (as is the FESTIVALOFNOISEMANIA), its beginning to sound like a paper churner, my ear. the past week has been eventful in the way that i broke the TV remote (frustration depression aggression oohyeah ) and my cellphone survived what the remote couldn't (heh, i suppose the dart across the room just made up for its lackofuse), and also, the fact that my father has successfully killed the PC. i did manage to get internet installed on the laptop again, but its not helping that i cant work with the pictures and photoshop and whatnot, so i have hardly any distraction from my noisy-ear.
earlier this week, i changed my orkut dp twice. hell the first one was THE sax, I'm told. ONLY because i appeared with sneha's camera in it. :/

something just made me lose the drive to type more.


deluded said...

to get back into the groove

perhaps its time for a change?

and some antibiotics....

ask your boil to change the soundtrack! then it'd be like a personal ipod that no one can see

Aruni RC said...

well,the festival of noise mania oh sorry,. i meant festivalofnoisemania - is over.
now you can give full attention to the music of the spheres, i mean ear's.
btw, is there anyspecialpoint in writing like that? Just curiousity (and I am not a cat, hence demise does not occur. Hopefully).

weevil girl said...

@deluded- haha i wish i could :P
yes antibiotics are sorta helping, but i didnt go to an ENT which i was TOLD TO, because they would puncture it using godknowswhat.

@aruni rc- neh nospecialpoint apart from the fact that my fingers have spacebarphobiaattacks sometimes.

Jadis said...

and whatever you say, GIRL, VISIT THE ENT. NOW.

and ok the sneha'scameraorkutdpwas so cool.

the word verification is LAMBU.

Lucid Darkness said...

Oh hai!
Your ear-condition is ghastly. But now I can join you with a boil inside my nose which is equally painful especially when I have to rub my nose time and again given that I have a cold and it is full of snot.

Yes, I'm as disgusting as you are if not more. :D

And since when are you humping Saxophones? xP

Go comment bitch! NOW! Or I won't do your tag.

weevil girl said...


I HAVE BOILS INSIDE MY NOSE EVERY WEEK. EVERY FUCKING WEEK. and BIG ones too.and TRUST me, its NOTHING compared to the ear agony, NOTHING.



julychild said...

[peejay] you're so hot that you break into boils. [/peejay]

just a suggestion. should be a guy saying this. (one you'd beat the lights out of after that, i assume.)

now you're smiling?

Anurima. said...

ok i didn't know about the ear. and all those times on gtalk when i moaned about stupid studies. eeps. sorry :(

Marina said...

Technology is not on your side this week.

little boxes said...

why did u get that boil?