Tuesday, November 4, 2008

addenshun plis

is anyone i know/or simply anyone reading this going for the Jethro Tull concert (Kolkata) and by any chance have tickets for the 3rd row? hell im desperate for company dont even ASK me why :/


Jadis said...

im gonna get tickets. but 3rd row toh hobena i guess. :/

i cud call you up once i reach though.
and trust me i can bet anything im more desperate for company than you are.

fuckit. :|

and the word verification is BERFLU!

weevil girl said...

oh then you'll find plenty of people i know pichone becauseEVERYONE iknow has platinum tickets. :| i HATE this man HATE this. TRYFOR3RDROWPLISPLISPLIS-begs-
beg borrow STEAL!

eden gardens said...

ask chiquita. she'll prolly have good tickets. she's fuckin privileged. shit, y am i not in kolkata right now????? wails

whatever.shit said...

you really did not have to make this post.