Tuesday, September 11, 2007


twig by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

twigtwig by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

gianttwig held against the sky.

you can either like them, or die.

its that simple.


im veryveriudusillyandmadandkjdh yes all that thankyou.

friend's cam, btw.


LoSt sOuL said...

well, n i though you were just a scribbler!

u continue to amuse me with new stuff....

>>>but i still dont like d tvig, i'd rather die!

Lucid Darkness said...


Twigs and trees
Held against the sky
Pause for a breath
Before you finally die.

// This is not meant to be morbid. Written to the twig, it is.

Lucifer said...

Make me die.
Let the twig live.

cr33p said...

dont get me wrong.
I love the twigs.
But that does look like a landscape from mars or something.

Dhruva said...

Up. Rooted.

The words, together or separately.