Friday, September 14, 2007


it was always make believe
a charade
blatant, well cultivated fakery
a castle built with breezes
that smelt of intoxicating breaths

and i always did believe
phantasms are fulfilling

i've never touched your smile
though curved it once or twice
never tasted your smile

consuming my defences
confusing the visionary
when the shadow slipped inside
the lurid box of dreams

a glow worm was born

but ive never kissed your eyes
and a phantom voice reminds me
i just always miss your eyes

and i somehow do believe
phantasms are fulfilling
and i always do recieve

the chimeric castle is
by the glow worm
born from shadows

and the shadow will suffice
until the day
i get to hold your eyes
in mine


Nikhil said...

Pretty one lassie, but shiver me timbers, must you go on aboot love?

Lucid Darkness said...

Well written. But mush, nevertheless.

Don't waste your poetry on mush. You're too good for it.

the one who must be named. someday. said...

bah. the mad baccha has hidden depths. its deep, the very. and nice. the very.

Shreya said...

question...who exactly are you in love with?

little boxes said...

i second shreya...
and i loved the last lines...

PG said...

So what if I'm the graphic designer? Am I not allowed to admire, appreciate and ask for a piece of your work? I like your art style. It's something a person who is afraid of messing up can't quite emulate (that would be me).

Thanks for the info on weevils. I was so wrong about them. I used to think they were those cockroach-like insects. You know the ones that look like they're distant cousins of the revered and very disgusting cockroach.

Why do you call yourself Weevil Girl, if I may ask?

Little Dandelion said...

beyond brilliant

Prince Kazarelth said...

Ah. Mush... yes, well.
Uh... was it mush, or are you like.... loving your guitar or something. {Yes... I write love poems to my telescope and my computers.}

Abhi said...

WOOOOOOOOOW that was great

weevil girl said...

no more tho.
shonai-ty :P
shreyadi- a ghost.
DC- WHA?thanks
PK- oh well.nvm.
and thanks all.

Lucid Darkness said...

No more?


Dhruva said...

very very deliberate. very very nice.