Friday, September 28, 2007


i am
the rainbow in grey.
to the passing winds i smile
as music billows out through cracks
in my mask..
counting shards of illusions
i sit and draw stars on stones
and watch them die
call me a dreamer in my
silly guile

i waver for once..
before the shell i must break
falls silently ajar
blow stardust gently
into the hull
and watch the colours rally..


Anonymous said...

i am the rainbow in grey...
it creates lovely images in my does the rest of the poem.
its gorgeous

Dhruva said...

~~~ [that's me, breathing in a corner]

Sayan said...

Beautiful imagery.'s you?

purple deepens.. said...

u got lovely feel of colors in your poem..n comes across brilliantly.

cheers.shine on.

Lucid Darkness said...

Everything, from the title to the imagery that you've conveyed is nothing short of beautiful.

This is the essence of "Ship", is it not? The true you?