Monday, September 17, 2007


life is such a twisted little whore.
MUST it be so convoluted?
oh yes.
I'm wise.
and ill drink your brain until no more is left.
you are stupid, and i love you.
and you cant help it.
and i wont change for nuts.
no matter how much it hurts.
unless me being me is killing you and i really do love you still.
which i do and i will.
but you wont know nor care
so kill this phony love affair?

look up at the sky
pretend to talk to me about your scars
and when the stars pee
come up to me
and complain
and whine
be the kid you dont want to be

it will be okay eventually..

learn to
cry with the stars
smile at the scars
the path is longer than it seems
and when you're weary
of the walk
ill comfort you in our dreams

no its nothing.
friends sometimes mean the world, even if they're only virtual.


Lucid Darkness said...

Very obvious, thou art.

And this is ... this is amazing!
It is like an emotional outburst through words. You've finally decided to remove all the smokescreens and let yourself be so vulnerable.

I just hope that you aren't hurt ... more.

PS: Friends do mean the world, even if they're virtual. *hugs*

slothful guzzler said...

hmmmm.....emotional outburst....yet subtle in its own way...though quite introspective

Sayan said...

...yes,you speak the truth. For now.

Dhruva said...

Grey Skies. Green Apples.

cr33p said...


weevil girl said...

LD- ive always made myself as vulnerable as ever.

*hugs* lmao.

yes its over in a way.

little boxes said...

subtle...beautiful...ship,thou art growing up!

PG said...

Wow, I didn't think other people had virtual friends who meant the world to them too. Wish some people understood that.

PG said...

P.S. Have added you to my blog list. You may do the same.

Shreya said...

this is brilliant...must i say more?