Thursday, September 20, 2007


have you ever heard of emotional outbursts in the form of stools?
like,ever? now you have.
monday night and tuesday morning.
yes so that.
and my maths teacher scolded me and i dont like it.

no i have nothing more to tell you.

no well actually, i do.

some text messages:

shravvy:i dont know if im mad at you, i dont know if i should be.
call me idealistic but i thought friends were suppossed to be there for each other.
anyway, have a good life.
THE LAST TIME I PRETENDED TO BE MAD AT YOU, I WAS ONLY BEING THE KID THAT I ALWAYS AM IM LIKE THAT!WTF.icantcallyouandyouknowwhy.ive been going through shit lately and i cant believe your sms NOW.
shravvy:you were "pretending"?what do you mean you were "pretending"? HOWDAREYOU?now just to get it out of my system DONTYOUEVERGOPRETEDINGTHINGSLIKETHAT! GO POKE YOURSELF VERY HARD! now dont ever be so thick about it again.

we are what? mad?yes.
i have a very eventful/interesting/happeneing/c00l enviousnessity murdering you?yes?yesysyjshk?

go eat my socks.


Lucid Darkness said...

Hah. Haha. Hmm.

And the sms-conversations were nice, in spite of the sms-languaging/ignoring-punctuation-marks-ness. *shudder*
It's nice to have friends like that. Go poke yourself.

And give me a sock. Now.

Falak said...

Scold the teacher back. XD

And you guys even waste money on "your stuff"! Name it whatever you want to. XD

No, I have a much more happ3n1ng/c00l3r life than yours. XD And you know it. XD