Wednesday, August 8, 2007


boatgirl by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

she sets the sun ablaze with her stare

and as the smell of stars chokes up the air

the wind blows on in purple gusts

and the grass puts on a coat of rust

...she turns away from her reflection

projected by the bruised sun...

dead trees red seas and bright blue curls

she melts away as her tale unfurls


yes i know I FUCKED IT UP BIG

and i KNOW i have no right to mutilate beautiful sheets of white paper like this but gah.

but , fullview it makes it look better.


Lucid Darkness said...

You have bat bogeys for a brain.

This is awesome!

I loved the way you showed the trees.


Lucid Darkness said...

And you have such amazing vision!

Double GAH.

Lucifer said...

Wonderful painting!
And the poem is awesome!

[Secret : I am a big big fan of your poetry. I just labh Of Acoustic Dreams]

weevil girl said...

[b] :Dajdajhsgdjgasdasgdjh!!!

@lucifer- ooooothatsSUCHanhonour

Shreya said...

erm...confession time,am a fan of your poetry too.
and and....i love the painting,you so didnot *fuck* it up..nope,no more arguments,since i have already adjudged.ahem *feeling self important* let the case rest..we all loveth it!

Nikhil said...

Yes yes. It was truly terrible. See? I can rhyme too :p

But why is it colorful and nice?

Tarun Savla said...

nice duck!

LoSt sOuL said...

oh i really thought it luked like a proud duck!

oh well, on the second thoughts maybe a duck-boat!

title says boat-girl but i really cudnt relate to it. said...

"she sets the sun ablaze with her stare and the smell of stars chokes uo the air"

LOOKS great..smells greater!