Thursday, August 16, 2007

you run around in circles
and draw the lines you love to cross
feel the wind on your face
dry your eyes
you smile at the distant sound
of laughter
and suddenly break down
break down
and start spinning in your mind

lonely smiles carved out of stone
you are
sunny tears carved out of stone

you dont have to belong
to the stone that you're carved out from
yet you will always belong
to me

sink into yourself
again when you cant
hide from who you are
see through the looking glass
reach out just enough
and im not very far

and as you
smile at the distant sounds
and feel like you're breaking down
you bury yourself in the arms
of another dream
woven out of my fantasies

melting ice carved out of snow
you are
fluid love carved out of stone

you never belonged
to the stone you were carved out from
yet you're so very strong
you amaze me
i guess its not very long
before i discover all of you
but when i look inside
sometimes you faze me


oh well its a SONG!!!! YES I GOT A SONG AFTER AGES!!12YU132312!
okay i forgot bits of it already cuz i started singingandplaying mmy sacrifice while i was on teh tune so bleh

and well it may suck BUTSOWHATASGHKHF!
but it does not suck so STFU


Lucid Darkness said...

Sometimes you make me wonder whether you're this sagacious person trapped within the mind of a juvenile delinquent.

Whatever it is, you are one talented person who does not deserve to be down. It's not fair on you.

Love your writing!

And I hope you get back the tune. It's awful if it just goes like that. :]

Lucifer said...

Lonely smiles carved out of stone
You are
Sunny tears carved out of stone

Oh my my. You write the best poetry, undoubtedly! I am such a big big fan!

Mesa wants an autograph!!!
Please don't say no.

Lucifer said...

And this song you know, its great!

Shreya said...

ok get ready for like a huge scolding..which part of this sucks???its great and i so so want to hear this song being played by you..waaaaa.too bad am not meeting you soon.i simply love the way you write,its so random yet so imaginative...and listen,please read a book by JD Salinger called "Catcher in the Rye".you remind me of the protagonist...

weevil girl said...

ohwellthankyousomuchlyallofyou =D

and LD ooo big words

Prince Kazarelth said...

Song! Writing!


How do you write so well?