Monday, August 20, 2007

ofacousticdreams by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

oh well goes with the poem kinda, no?
what a perfect way to waste time and paper and energy and colours and..blah.
i dont have enough colours or skills.
my silver pen got losted.
and yes the stars are different coloured you are entitled to laugh.


Lucifer said...

I am at a loss of words.

But yes, I need an autograph.

Bhery soon.

Anonymous said...

you suck.
and i hate reading your blog because you make me realize how totallywhollycompletely stupid and full of shit my blogs are.
you make mine look like those by stupid 10 year olds who just blab.
and i shall hate you forever.
for this and also because you dont comment on my blogs.

with hate,

Lucid Darkness said...

It's so beautiful!

*wipes tear*

Yes. What you read above is correct! :|

"i dont have enough colours or skills"
~ I'm going to slap you hard if you say that again. And you say I have confidence issues. Go look in the mirror girl! :|

*pats Ship for losting her silver pen*

*And claps loudly for a long time*
Hats off to you!

Shreya said...

ok missy i think i keep lecturing you over and over i pull your ears and "not" give you cheesecake!!!you are amazingly creative and you have like zero confidence level.which is just silly.stop insulting yourself,you simply rock you moron!

*erm,gives cheesecake for the lecture*

LoSt sOuL said...
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LoSt sOuL said...

are you really that gud or do i need an appointment with a eye-specialist?

Sayan said...

*points at the stars*


LoSt sOuL said...

weevil gurl seyz i need to visit a eye doc!


agree to a simple fact in life that you are really gud at watever weevil scribbling you do...well actually my 3yr old cusin does scribble with her crayons sometimes....n looking back it kinda resembles what you do!

n yes u may link my blog to urs...only charge will be u teach each how i cud link urs to mine,i.e if i do get ur permission

Dhruva said...

Just about when I was starting out with drawing computer-aided straight lines, you HAD to draw something THIS beautiful, and point at me and laugh. No don't tell me. I know this is a doodle and that your doodling is very awesome.

ekta said...

beautiful!!!!!! damnnnn nice! rock on