Thursday, August 23, 2007

you know when the trouble begins?
when you start reading too much into things and you read it right and that makes everything go wrong for you.
i just re-realized.
it would be much better if we could get back to being little girls in pink dresses with pet dolls and toy soldiers and fall in love with every other passerby without expecting to be loved back, no?

i NEVER was a littlegirlinPINKdress
NEVER played with dolls.
but I've always fallen in love with strangers...

and i don't regret it.
its funny how i have no regrets.
and sometimes its a good thing.

i give up. for the greater good.
wahahahha no actually, just because thats all i can do.

now if this is making me nearly cry , it MUST have been strong.

i have a good strong psyche.


Lucid Darkness said...

Ha ha. Strangers. Yes.

Well. I know you don't regret it. And I know that you won't, however much it makes you cry.

Yup, you're one strong girl... who never played with silly dolls but had her make-believe world anyway.

Reading into things turns out even worse if you find that you've "read" things wrong.


*And some chocolate brownies as well*

Aruni RC said...

251 years old? Where did u come up with that one? Yeah, I did turn a bit older on the 18th, but the double-century does it!

Can't I go back to a little boy falling for every wistful face across the counter at a cafe? It IS strong, the poem. And never give up on love. Cuz then there's very little left.

--don't mind me raving. nice poem. bye.

cr33p said...

reading too much into things?
fallen in love with strangers?

sound pretty familiar.


sometimes its good to cry and get it over with....

Nikhil said...

Same punch if you dumped someone bad. Someone good just dumped me. :)

*same punch*