Tuesday, August 14, 2007

oh well my grandpa expired yesterday at 5:10 pm.
and he took two of my bedsheets away with him [the ones he'd been using for the past 6 bedridden months] and left behind his torch, his pens and pencils and everything else that he never managed to find on his own.
the last time he spoke to me was when he vaguely got the idea that i had passed my board exams with what they call good marks. and people thought he coudnt understand a thing they were saying? he called me from the other room in his then-coarse voice...i somehow knew he was calling me. and then, after a few many mintues of trying to let it out, all he could manage was squeeze my palm and say "good good good" [in english yeah].
and then i didnt visit him again.[until last night, if you think that counts]
thank god.


Aruni RC said...

have you noticed how people bring fresh flowers for those who are beyond the reach of the fragrance at funerals?
And how the wilting ones are reserved for the proposals?

At the risk of sounding cliched, Rest in Peace.

Lucid Darkness said...

May your granddad finally be at peace.

May you be at peace.


Shreya said...

may your grandfather find peace,all my condolences...and you too dearie,take good care of yourself.

*love and hugs*

weevil girl said...

@aruni rc- ooo heavy words ty

@LD & shreya *hugsback*