Sunday, August 19, 2007


i will never, i say, NEVER sing zombie again anywhere in public.
yes i know that's how people started noticing me in the first place, that song.
but now, never.
i mean, i have successfully proved to myself [and to a few more people too] that i am unable to deliver it even close to satisfactorily thanks to my nerves.YES.
first, Pu saw the video of my most disastrous zombie singing ever [i sang with a high fever and *ahem* upsetstomachyes and was feeling like i'll collapse any moment none of this is naanchnajaaneaanganteda shit but you can believe so how would it matter i cant possibly prove you wrong anymore] AND THEN SHE HEARDMESINGITCONSTIPATEDLYRIGHTINFRONTOFHERANDISTOPPED


i dislike myself.yes ive been reminded many times this week that the word hate is too strong therefore i used dislike but WTF IHATEITMAN.

oh yes im doing this just to add some melodrama to my verily drab life.nothing much has been up. apart from me not being allowed to go for LD's birthday for no reason, not being allowed to talk on the phone and such, not being allowed to sit where i like sitting, not being allowed to drink water the way i want to drink, and to have chlormints.
AND to sing so much [because, im told, it accentuates the gastric problems if i sing with an empty stomach and well yes my stomach is apparently always empty] please laugh or cry or die or walk away or whatfuckingever i couldn't care less at the moment i have no lack in life to be noticing you thank you very much.
my stomach is hurting and my fingertips are sore from playing too much. my guitar needs help. strings need changing, tension needs to be increased, and the BAND NEEDS TO BE FOUND OUT. or maybe i need to get another one.ohwellilovemyguitar:D.ihavent found ONE person so far who owns a better acoustic.
sdhsjafd; well yes i may suck but my guitar dont. *smugsmile*
and school tommorow again *sigh*
well atleast i dont have to go for the debate.THANKGOD.icanNOT debate.i fumble while speaking my name on the microphone and you are asking me to go for public speaking? mental, i tell you, whoever was trying to send me.oh well now the reputation of the school is spared.

yes the school not MY school.
nevermind again.

and i am the youngest member of our band and im the only guitarist [sofar] and its almost scary.almost VERY scary.
but well ive so wanted this for so long man i couldnt care less about how badly i suck unless im grabbed by the collar and yelled at by the band members.
which will happen only if i dont make an effort to improve and OF COURSE ID DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE.
so well.



Dhruva said...

yes, yes, you're in good hands.

Sayan said...

Surely,bull and shit can decompose?

Lucid Darkness said...


And you are a very talented weetle weevil.

And we SHALL meet.

Ps: You have a lot of talent. And oodles of creativity in you. Nerves will bother you as long as you lack faith in your abilities. You're good. Know it. And things will be fine.

Prince Kazarelth said...

That's sad.
But, hell. At least you won't see us being overtly unsociable too.
It's supposed to be a "blogmeet" yes.

Shreya said...

ah i love the way you use your blog to went out your latent emotions with a tinge of humour to it...must i mention again?i loveth it :P

Guitar George said...

listen, u can jolly well sing in front of pu because I sing in front of PU and......well she actually doesn't say it but she has nighmares about me singing lead.....and from what i've heard about u u're way better than i ever could be.........

here's a word of advice

don't be scared to sing in front of gives them the impression that u're taking bhao.....