Saturday, June 30, 2007

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yes. YES I HAVE CABLE INTERNET CONNECTION NOW YAYAYAY!ah sucked having dail up for all these months but now YAY!

but. my LAPTOP is GAY. it will NOT allow me into youtube AND NOT ALLOW THIS STUPID FLASH PLAYER TO GET INSTALLED AND SO I HATE watching vids :[

and what more? this more.
our school. well, BILAMS has decided to be uberkind and sponser our [class 11 and 12's] optional courses for fashion designing or graphic designing.


DO YOU GET THAT? BILAMS!THAT 2 YEAR COURSE! YEAH! so now i wont have to take those useless shitty S.U.P.W. classes but instead indulge in more productive graphic designing shit!and in the end,i dunna, get some certificate which will make it worth the while!
well i dont much know about much of how its gonna help, but this is some serious vocational course kinda thingy and so we get this at school and we are the first batch who are this luckyjhsdhakjsdfhkjfa!
yeah so ive always wanted this. and so. well yeah. so well. YEAH!
im great with words i know


Lucid Darkness said...

Yayayaay. GOODIE!

And I am envious about the graphic design course.. I've always wanted to prawperlee larn eet instead of simple experimenting and tweaking around with Photoshop and Corel. *Le sigh*

But good for you!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY.

*Chicken dances too*

little boxes said...'s gone cool eh?

Dhruva said...

:D Congrats. On both getting cable and free lunch. I mean graphic designing course :D

shreya said...

wow your batch is lucky like hell.....we got all the bullcrap i'm guessing.

weevil girl said...


well im happy. some compensation for no festing

Prince Kazarelth said...

Laptops are sexy. They definitely aren't gay. They are just... slow. At least mine is. And I have to make do with this until my uber-cool-awesomely-pwning main comp. comes back.

What is a chicken dance?

Lucifer said...

Oh yes, you are.
Great with words.

weevil girl said...

well i sure do know

angeleyes said...

wow.......... i wish we had smthng good like u guys r havin........