Friday, June 29, 2007



and HAH i wont even utter a WORD about happiness again.

and its sometimes so annoying to feel like i feel now that its heartbreaking and GROWL I DONT KNOW GO AWAY!

yes i crave for attention.
but you can get lost.

but maybe i dont.
its just pissing to even try to figure myself out.


Lucid Darkness said...

Mothers are trained to be annoying. My theory is that they all go to some kind of "Mum school".

My own had made it a point to row with me on the eve of each of my board papers this year.

Anyway, you get over it. Besides, you just called her 'my mother' so you can't say that you're not related, otherwise that 'my' would not have cropped up.

You will feel better tomorrow. Otherwise, come to me and we can have a therapeutic 'chicken dance' session. You may choose the song.

weevil girl said...

no you dont know the mother im blessed with.impossible to explain and its nasty.
and i choose ON MERCURY I DO!XD

Dhruva said...

Mothers are the ones we have the worst of fights with. I cannot explain why. They never seem to get you and seem to follow templates which we give jackshit about anyway. Happens. Will be fixed soon enough.

weevil girl said...


Lucifer said...

Whatever will be said, you would disagree. So I suppose there is no point in saying something.

But. But I do speak without point. Call that my chicken dance. Or anything else, if you will.

Your mother is the best thing that has happened to you. Full Ishtop.

weevil girl said...