Tuesday, June 12, 2007


the music singes my soul
but it doesnt burn me out
burn me out now
im so lost inside my head

just like the words
that beg for wings
and wish to fly away
but these headstrings
wind them tight
and trapped they remain

and dead flowers slip into my head
and its raining inside
its like the summer song
that melts the winter away
and its always raining

but it doesnt wash me out..
wash away the fragments
of the me i've never seen..
of the me i've always been..
im so lost inside my head

the dead flowers smell of rain
the summer and the pain
the snowflakes and the clouds
and the music
are all illusions
are they illusions?

and they spin along
with my head
i dont like this roundabout

wash me over
burn me out
just let me down this roundabout
and i will never try
to step into the mirror
and i wont ever
try to look at me again

i wish i could just
let all the words fly away
with pieces of myself
i never found

but these headstrings
wind them tight
and keep them trapped.


Lucid Darkness said...

Ah ... mesmerising! We're lost. We're confused. But we need to find out way ...

The headstrings won't bind everything forever.


Inam said...

'dead flowers' refers to the song, or does it? liked its juxtaposition with rain and summer...harsh and conflicted...subtle movement towards a different death..

weevil girl said...

dead flowers refers to all that you said, yes.and also dead feelings which keep coming back.

little boxes said...

i absolutely loved it!!
we are gonna break these strings soon....

weevil girl said...

i hope we do..

Shreya Sarkar said...

ah, its wonderful....simply brilliant....love it,love it,love it!

Scribbler said...

Cryptic writings at its best;)
Keep it rollin;)