Monday, June 11, 2007


so back i am to kol. how great.

siliguri felt so like home. it felt like i was back there after a short vacation or something. not much has changed. no i take that back. NOTHING has changed. except for the mahananda which seems to have dried up a little more.and miraculously, the distillery smell that we always used enjoy on the way to school seems to have vanished. how nice not. :P
we stayed at the ioc guest house and well, i liked it not to say the least.but the restaurants, the food, momo, tai waah, vainayak hotel and everything was YAY!:D
siliguri felt a little boring for the first time during the last three days. not because of the people, not. because of lack of places to just hang out and chill. no ccd no kfc no bigbazaar even. no roll centres at every other corner of the street. so we walked around a lot. yes, i met most of my friends. and mostly, it was me ashish and dinchen accompanied either by deepika or mona, and we walked around the whole place and blamed each other for wasting each other's time and not having a solid plan.haha dinchen wouldnt utter a word tho. what a decent and quiet lil child. ^_^
yeah so. we went karting, which was fun loads. the speed makes you lose it completely. XD
and we went to the mela, where ash had this stupid mood swing and left. git. im gonna beat him to pulp the day i meet him next. mark my words.
and mona. MONA HAS LONG HAIR NOW! yes yes.miss moliba looks a stunner. and sounds angelic. she is the school captain too now.
how verily i be the missing her. and srijana [i cudnt even spend much time with her thanks to her stupid school]. and bhums. and everyone else.
and we went to chaata's place. lol. and guitared a bit. i hear he be drumming now.
and here is the best bit.
Melody and Co. will always remember us.
we entered the instrument shop, asked em to show us around, checked out a few guitars and played for almost ages. and promised to be back today [ sunday closed eh? lets make it monday 8 o'clock then ], pretending to be really interested in buying this reddish acoustic with some weird local name for the beginner mr. ashish. wahaha and they almost thought we were about to buy it right then.
and the worst bit. i took the camera, charged the batteries 3 full times, and all the pictures i ever took back there were of almost dead trees.
YES I AM INSANE. i forgot to take pictures of my friends yes. shoot me.

man, ill miss that place.
now whenever i look into the mirror, i cry. because i am reminded of that place. and the people. especially the woman who gave me this haircut which makes me look awful now.


little boxes said...

hey i really liked this one...
i could feel the joy and the nostalgia which was there...

weevil girl said...

oh thnx
i was just filling in a journal entry kinda

Lucid Darkness said...

You are one witty psychotic crow! ^_^


Here's hoping you make another trip soon, and a longer one too. :)

PS: Melody and Co. H A H A H A H A.

weevil girl said...

not to mention the other stupid stores we didnt like and walked out of