Friday, June 22, 2007

so i was so busy hating everything that i didnt get to blog much.
i still am busy hating everything. with added vigour after yesterday, to tell you the truth.
but anyway.
things are pathetic. as always. but i finally have cable tv. what fun, no? NO.
and the worst part is, nomatter how hard i try, i cannot write my kind of write.
did i mention i hate everything including my stomach which refuses to cheer up?


little boxes said... are the best the way you are!
and about life...ya it's always shitty

shreya said...

Well we have all been through this phase,so totally identify with it.But look around,you will find some semblance of conviction...(gah,cant believe i'm saying all this!!)

Lucid Darkness said...

Stomachs are evil creatures. They have minds of their own. And they grumble, er... rumble.. whatever!

Hating everything with vigour is an interesting pass-time. But you will find 'better' things to do soon (I hope).

Look at it this way, Cable TV means VH1. At least you can be a bit up-to-date on the music. :)

I can't 'write my kind of write' either. I can feel a poem coming to me when I'm in the bathroom (DON'T ASK) but it slips away the moment I step out and touch a pen/pencil. Sad, yes. I can feel your frustration.

As for your evil stomach, you can try placating it with Hide and Seek biscuits. And drinking water. This could help. I think.

weevil girl said...

[b] *sigh*
why thanks for them suggessions. and well, im not very mad at my stomach anymore since it gave me a ready made excuse for not going to school today WHEN I HAD TO SUBMIT THIS CASE STUDY I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT