Monday, June 4, 2007

.sing to me.

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i wake up to your silence
but i feel like this quiet is on the wane
and i hope
i think i hear your heart buzz
and beat a new beat

will you sing me a song now?
oh melancholy baby
sing to me, please
you know it too
the silence wont do
sing it out slow..
as each note grazes my scarred heart
sing softly to me
so i can hear the rhythm of your new heartbeat
sing it out so loud
that the echo of my emptiness drowns...
fades out..
sing to me
and my moody eyes will never stop caressing
your lips that dance
in sweet progression
let the hour glass melt away with time
as i find myself losing myself
in the melodic web you spin
let go of the silence that kills
and watch me dancing within
oh.. sing to me
your melange of feelings
as we take a round trip
down the road ahead

and return
to this moment you can sing to me again

1 comment:

Lucid Darkness said...

That sounded like an anthem. I liked it ... very much.

That was definitely NOT crap!

Keep it up! ^_^