Monday, March 30, 2009

While im waiting to cross over, while im ready to go

i feel like im dead and waiting to cross over to the otherside but im stuck in a void.
i can imitate a wall and suck at that too. i can imitate your clothes and i'll prolly be worse at it than anything else in the somebody told me im boring and being this dull is a turn off and thats nice, they like it. like dude haha. whenever im sitting im either peeling skin off my arms or off my soles. my favorite hobby is to give myself red bleeding lips from all the skin-peeling. when i drop my phone it makes me happy and i look down with a smile but it never breaks. i need to step out of myself.


ishani said...

dis one was TOTALLY comprehensible.

JD said...

Whenever will you stop ranting superlong sentences which make brilliant sense in their own ways? When will you stop saying stuff that will keep me getting amazed at the depth of your thoughts?

Not that I want to, though. Not remotely :)