Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm halfway through my boards, and the worst bits are yet to hit me.
Psychology,Geography, Eco and Hindi (phbbbt) in the reverse order.
one of the papers killed me entirely last week (no im not alive nor typing this, really), and i dont even wish to name it ever in my life again.
my mother claims to have broken my iPod- my NEW iPodclassic120gb, and to have killed the earphones, since i was caught watching a movie on it at 2:40 a.m. some three days back.that was the last time I'd seen it.have no real idea of what might've become of it, but i DID hear mom make the iPod dart across her room or something. this thrills me.
I've managed to convince another stupidniceperson to buy my prints, she's buying two. this makes me feel good enough to say YAY LETS MAKE A SANDWICH.
i had the most disgusting dream the night before the last and most people have heard an account of it. those who haven't, have NO idea of the degree of weirdness of involves pregnancy, a hole in the upper abdomen and a 19 inch... centipede.
there's no point grossing readers out any further, i have managed to alienate enough readers already :\ so no details.
songs on my playlist now:

Hanging On- People Press Play
Shadowplay - The Killers
Fatalist Palmistry - Why?
(..But your painted pony is fading
Lost like a snakeskin in high grass
and out there thrashing like a pet bird caught in a jet stream; that's me
You count on blessings cause your net worth
oughta be less cream in your best drinks
But God put a song on my palm that you can't read..
be sure to listen to the first and the third bands.
if you dont want to, cool man, no issues. go fall into a ditch, though.