Monday, March 23, 2009

welcome to a new post, goodbye lets never meet again.

this is a very sketchy fiveminutecolour version of something which i've lost the will to work on. its for bab, and im not showing it.i had decided to colour it with traditional media, but not now.

oh. its a gay girraffe that's sick of candies and lollies.and the little girl from anotherworld promises to feed him a real flower but only if he first lets her touch his nose.

p.s. I'm losing followers like THIS *snaps fingers*. wha. there must be brains out for sale somewhere.


Falak said...

Gotta love the expression on the Sun's face. :)

Sambit said...

ohh this is very pretty :)

little boxes said...

losing followers?eh?
are you mad?

weevil girl said...

no. i have a gadget it never lies. :(

storyteller said...

Losing followers!Kidding me you are kid?

Priyanka said...

i seriously think this is the best thing you've ever done. i'm filching it as wallpaper.

very little princeish.