Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ms.Lovline is not a lonely person.

Ms. Lovline just has certain issues.

  • The windows are all closed.Always.
  • The cat is grey.
  • The switch is blown out.
  • The clock is retarded and is evaporating.
  • The ghost isn't scary.
  • The cactus is nearly dead, but not entirely.
  • She has no real issues.
  • The makeshift sky has a raincloud.
  • She cant stop smiling.

I have certain issues:

  • my scanner sucks which makes most bits of the picture blurred.
  • i cant paint.
  • the rain isn't showing.
  • my scanner sucks.
  • i cant paint.
  • i lost my new set of water colours.
  • i have a new mole on my right wrist.
  • i exaggerate.
  • i think i have a tumor in my left ear.
  • i cant spell tumor right in one go.
  • i cant spit.

who wants to buy my prints? who who?


Monidipa said...

i love EVERYTHING and ALL of the new artwork. you're selling prints? howmuch?

Not yet there. said...


Why won't you update dA? :O

Lucid Darkness said...

Cute, very cute. :P

Anurima. said...

I love too :)


Phoenix speaks.... said...


weevil girl said...

@mandy- yesiam:D we shall talkaboutthis after boards, okz?

@parizad- because im too goddamned lazy :P i shall, though. eventually.

@LD- i dont like cute.

@anu- yesok:P

@ Phoenix speaks- thnakyou!!!!11oneone

and thanksall xD