Saturday, May 5, 2007


guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt?

i had 3 pieces of heaven yesterday after like about a year or more!!!
life's gooooood.
lol i had 3 yes THREE phuchkas while returning from skool.
thanks to pujita. it was RAD.
and yeah you are entitled to laugh cuz im so excited over having paani puris..that too just 3 THAT TOO AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR.
its my mom's they-arent-hygenic-you-might-die-outa-thisandthatandeverykindadiseasepossible-if-you-go-near-them thing that lets me not have em yknow.
but now.
i return from school onmyown.almost:P.
so. ill have em almost everyday.or try to aleast.

and yeah im gonna be murdered fosho. dint [[ COULDNT]] go to school today and i had to help with the rabinda jayanti practices and learn up songs and work on the music/guitar bit too and help with the props and collect the eco copy from pujita for my own good and suffer during communication classes with all the others.
im SO gonna be murdered but its NOT MY FAULT OKAY.i COULDNT becuz ihavemyreasuns.

and i cant write.
creative block?
i dont like it.


onnesha said...

rabinda jayanti?heh!talk about colloquialism!
as far as i know the guy was called rabindra.reminded me of a friend who pronounced and wrote things in the same fashion!

weevil girl said...