Monday, May 21, 2007


an eye for an eye?
haha..not quite
i'd like my kaleidoscope back instead
you can have your eyeballs right in place
and enjoy the saccharine beauty of the world outside
i'd still like to have myself trapped in neverland
sittin in the corner...with my kaleidoscope
ahhh..i see a multicoloured mayfly!
and next moment its a pyramid upside down
-a replica of the world..but not quite round-
pretty patterns being conjured out of
bits and pieces of a broken heart
but I don't mind
as long as the patterns please my eyes
but you see through all of it-
you face the truth...while I sing along the lies
you can face the bad world
and show em how tough you are
damn! you survive reality and live with it
and i shall survive -living in dreams
while you can shun your dreams
-lock em up in a dirt speckled glass jar
but i'd like more glass dreams to

invigorate my mind
for my jar ain't locked..
my kaleidoscope still welcomes me inside
and has a lot more to offer
than your mournful lullabies
my kaleidoscope is teh love
and im not afraid
even if it breaks..ill hold on
and it'll make my hands bleed?
its no matter
and then we can have another colour added to the list
RED-green-blue-yellow-purple dreams clenched in my fists
you can be busy being the realistic fool

that you've always been
and i'll still be the loser with a dreamy smile
and i'll have my kaleidoscope back somehow
ill poUnce on you
..maybe stab you with my dreams
hahaha you cant bear that agony
you cant
no i wont settle for all that you have to offer
so quit trying to enlighten me
let me be
in my dreamy trance
quit trying to dare me too look beyond neverland

quit trying to make me sober when im high
and step into my kaleidoscopic world
i dare you.
i dare you to try.


i lobe it. dont laugh.


little boxes said...

i love it too
u rock,really....
the imagery is beautiful

weevil girl said...

xD thankyewsomaachlie

dropsofblue said...

I lobe it too. no. i wont laugh.