Friday, May 18, 2007

results. are going to be out in a day or two or in a few hours or in 4 days. THEY are unable to make up their minds and its not my fault so.but I'm beyond caring. almost. no I'm not proud of it, I'm literally shocked - i mean, i know i ain't reeli normal but how can i be THIS naive?
and of all things, im terribly terrified of APPENDIX at the moment. yes the thing inside your stomach which needs operation when enlarged.
and also of liver enlargement.
is it just the phuchhka-eating-without-telling-ma guilt surfacing?

paranoia. it strikes at the uncanniest of times. and makes me believe that all shopkeepers are out to get me. now when i should really be worried about how badly I'm going to be screwed once my results are out and how my stomach choosing to act up during the easiest computer paper of the millennium will not be counted as an acceptable excuse.but it SHOULD be. i was PUKING MY INSIDES DOWN THE SINK FOR 30 FULL MINUTES OF THE WRITING TIME AND HAD TO SIT THERE IN THAT ANNOYING CHAIR WITH THAT TERRIBLE STOMACH ACHE FOR THE REST OF THE PAPER, TRYING MY HARDEST TO NOT FALL ASLEEP.
yes i was falling asleep every now and then even WITH the stomach aching like hell. i amaze myself.
and my laptop is being a semi-nuisance. webcam wont work, not that i need it to. but anyway.
WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER WONT OPEN. WILL NOT. its as if the whole world is conspiring against me. including U. u is a VERY annoying letter of the alphabet.
and somehow i cant get the image of avril's pink streaked hair out of my head.
canimurderher? HOWcanshedothattoherselfandhermusic?AND i hope her influence doesn't show on derek's music. but why am i bothered about a couple who don't even CARE about HOW GRAVE THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY TERRIBLE ICSE RESULTS CAN BE?
because, i am not normal. period.
and I'm not always proud of it but i don't want to die in a fire at the moment thank you. i would much rather set fire to all them shops with annoyingly fishy shopkeepers.
or feed them to giant cannibal clowns.

doesn't this font colour look HORRIBLE?


Living On Video said...

Should have written it, in red! :p

Nikhil said...

Ha! Whatever. N is the most annoying and Important letter.

Btw, exams come and go. Icecream you haveto buy. :[

Lucid Darkness said...

Avril should be ashamed of herself!

Electric green on black? *shudders*

Phuchkas should be eaten without telling Mas, otherwise there is not much fun in eating spicy phuchkas that make your nose run as though it's competing for an Olympic gold.

Computer Papers? *Recoils*

PS: Posty was nicey. ^_^