Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i am immensely bored.
tell me which part of the word immensely or the word bored you dont understand and ill gladly explain it tinyatombit by tinyalphabit or tinybetabit.
yes im THAT JOBLESS now will you stop rubbing it in?
thank you.

but the word jobless isnt quite right. we have prelims for the nie funfest tommorow where around 25 or more or 55 or something schools are participating [or so im told] and only 5 schools make it through to the finals. we are 4 people- 3 of us girls with the guitar and this guy with the drums. so. we've had just one practice session. without a drumkit that to. and my mother *ahem* wont allow me to practice tommorow. so we go straight to swabhumi, feeling like apples waiting to be thrown into this 'other' barrel which holds all the closetoorcompletelyrotten ones. and do stuff that hardly any other girldominatedband ever do in fests here.
growling. distortion.andmore growling.

i just hope i enjoy myself.
and im not quite sure if im supposed to be hoping to get through.
this is our only chance though.
ahhh how i wish we make it. YES I WISH that i can do CAN I?
we may suck but that dont mean its illegal to wish for something.

yes and now the boredom is turning into pissednessdom.
and i should go and play with my fender a little.
yes i said play with it and not play on it but who said i must be technically correct in everything i post here?
whoever said it isnt getting what he/she wants.
he may go dunk his/her head in a poolfull of dragon pus.


little boxes said...

do well...
n even if you dont,u rock

weevil girl said...

haha joke of the millenium;
but thanks i gess.