Sunday, November 4, 2007


ill live my story.

ill build a river with the water flowing through it
too liquid to be scary, to fluid to be stagnant
ill build a river and its bank
like a plateau wrapped in autumn
and spring in bits
where the grass will write songs and the air shall
dance in harmony with the tune spitted out by transparent clouds

we'll have stars to stare at

ill get my wings unfolded every stormy night
and at other times
when my feet are not engaged in schmoosing
the innocence of wilderness

we really will have some ground and a sky

then, i will be able to recall
every word my eye has ever lain on
though it wont be required nomore.
only the vision will matter then
and a few more senses..

and you

the music will never stop, then.
vacillate, maybe, but not halt
and then my fingers will slowly
turn all the more nimble
and skilled like none other

and there will be kites to fly

ill build my river and your bank
and everything else
and then
the pipe dreams and all these things that mean nothing
will make sense

someday ill make the songs stop sounding like
prayers that fade away into the dreary night.
someday these warped mirrors will sonorously reflect
every living bit of me ..
and you with them.
someday, i'll make sure you exist.

and we'll live.


and i swear im laughing at this shit
wahahhahajkhksa; its just writing at its crappiest :P


Jadis said...

if that's crap then i'm a three-legged basilisk.

Lucid Darkness said...


*slaps Ship for calling this crap*

Shreya said...

that is crap?:O..joins in with LD and slaps friend silly too

Sayan said...


But it's sincere..

And that is what matters.

To me,at least.

esspi said...

THIS ISnt crap.
you're insane.
i love it.

esspi said...

and oh yes.
i love your pet too.

Kulpreet said...

Such pure thoughts. Do you really love in Afganistan.

Kulpreet said...

Oops! I intended: Do you live in Afganistan?