Wednesday, November 14, 2007


when the glint is fresh

spreading out the soul
is always easy
like taking in
an oceanfull of stars

a tincture of defeat is
what settles in
when their venom is grilled

folded up, then
the ocean is just bitter spit

the inside of the head forgets to speak
or lay cushions in the right places

caught in the mesh
and iced
i wait for you to crash
onto my left palm


Sayan said...

Images and after affects.

Absurd? Hell no.

Jadis said...

Beautiful. I love your imagery and the words you use. Less is indeed a helluva lot.

soumi. monkey man's wifey. said...

yay you.

Shreya said...

nicely weaved together,and quite an unique style of writing :Dkeep writing more!

Anurima said...

'the inside of the head forgets to speak
or lay cushions in the right places'

you have a unique way with words... these will linger with me for a long long time...!!! :)

thanks for the visit to my blog, really!

Lucid Darkness said...

You were bored. And you make good use of your boredom.

All hail the creative weevil!

purple deepens.. said...

ah! this piece reminds me that,words can actually get pictures out of themselves..or maybe they are just too free to even grab.

excellent seems less,brilliant seems lesser.

write on.

little boxes said...

i love the way you write and the way you inter weave images

weevil girl said...

thanks yous averyones!
me is the vary vary happay to hear yous says that you the lieks it