Wednesday, November 21, 2007



me: [on the phone with puchi] oh fuck i dont even remember..!
dad:[ YES HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONTA ME] oh fuck? what oh fuck? >:/
me: er, nothing. yes so pujita, im doomed did you know?

that would be the third time i yelled out that fucking word infronta dad loudandclearly varyvary and the first time he showed SOME reaction.
where are the forks when we need to use em the most? forgotten

english literature exam tommorow
so well yes ill use that word again DOOMED I AM FUCKING DOOMED

and im so proud of my last post that i want more comments


Sayan said...

My mother once caught me saying the word,and I sweetly denied having said it.

"Ma,you can't prove it,because there aren't any witnesses and I didn't say it"
And I ran away. :D

Macbeth rules,btw. :P

Anonymous said...


soumi. thedoomedmurderer. said...

you should look at me and LAUGH.
L A U G H .
and i didnt even do nothing.

Lucid Darkness said...

Idiot girl. FORK.

Best of luck! You know you won't be doomed. You and I be the cloneses, right? So you can't be. It's just fun to annoy people by repeatedly saying "I am so doomed."
That's all.


Jadis said...

I say the f word all the time and my parents don't have a problwm wid it.
Sweet of them na?

Jadis said...