Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am crazy.

But what I should be, is a Suicide Expert. Should start a Suicide Hotline, give Suicide advise and publish books on The Gruelling Way to Suicide, name myself the SUICIDE GURU and help all you little suicidal bunnies find your smashing ending.



still thinking said...
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still thinking said...

i am dead..that profile picture of yours

Limpidus said...

housewives prefer rat poison
and men rely on guns
but we just die for fun


weevil girl said...

@Still thinking- yeah i seem to be doing the killing just fine as well.

@limpidus- no no no, its just madness. its not fun, what im doing. far from it.

Limpidus said...

so long steering away from it, the madness. get absorbed and THEN you'll find the 'fun' stuff..


Anonymous said...

vere is yar lisense medaam?

not a bad idea though, atleast it pays.(you will charge money i presume?)

Jay Niner said...

suicide is a waste of time.
homicide is better.

weevil girl said...

arnt you all very smart.

weevil girl said...

who are you, oh anonymous staaaaaper?

Riddance and Digression said...

im not sure if you made me scratch my bones.
or if i want to ask you where to get antifreeze.

Anonymous said...

mr. boj ssel, from krakozhia, with mauve.

doesnt matter dude.
what matters is that you are botching up my daily routine by deleting essential link to awesome blog.


JD said...

Woohoo :|

weevil girl said...

reveal yourself and take the link or lose awesomeblog forever.(its getting juicier as im being more open and detailed there now, be tempted?)

@JD- weirdboy you are.